Emilia Zalewska is an art director and graphic designer based in Warsaw.
For brickbats & bouquets: 3malia@gmail.com

Emilia specializes in exhibitions and displays.  The various hats she wears include assembling museum displays, making museaum facsimile (reproductions of old books, manuscripts, art prints, or other items of historical value), and teaching Vinyasa yoga.

Clients include:
Museum of Textile Industry History (Lodz), Museum of the Second World War (Gdańsk), Silesian Museum (Katowice), European Solidarity Centre (Gdańsk), Porta Posnania ICHOT (Poznań), Leonardo Da Vinci Center (Chęciny), Emigration Museum (Gdynia), Kraków Technology Park (Kraków), RSQ Management, CEO Round Table, Belvedere Restaurant