Logo design
Itadam in Polish translates to “and ta-da!”. The company works with wood and creates custom furniture, displays, and fixtures. 

CEO Round Table

Identity lifting
I revitalized the look of the company, that creates events for business managers. The company didn’t want to make any changes to their logo, because it’s a trade mark, so I designed a new symbol for them based on their logo, new color palette and new look for their printed materials (including a choice of papers and printing methods) that would make them come across as luxurious, professional and recognizable. 

Projekt 007

Logo design, visual identity, web design
Branding for a studio speciallizing in exhibition design and production.

Leaders Pit Stop

Logo design, visual identity
Branding for an exclusive business conference directed to CEOs. The two main colours (navy blue and orange) convey the character of the event: business and knowledge in possitive and fun atmosphere. 


Logo, neons
Logo design for a new restaurant in Warsaw serving Polish and European cuisine. The restaurant serves elegant and sophisticated food in a cosy, chill and friendly atmosphere (it’s affordable too). The logo is used as a neon inside the restaurant as well as outside on top of the building (10 meters wide).

Emigration Museum, Gdynia

Visual identity proposal
An abstract map of Poland is shown with the capital Warsaw emphasised. The logo communicates movements & connections that symbolize the complex nature of emigration.

Various logos