“Jerzy Antkowiak i Moda Polska” in the Museum of Textile Industry History, Lodz

Design and execution of exhibition’s graphics and typography; Co-design of the scenography. 

Museum of the Second World War, Gdansk

Numerous, large-scale maps made in collaboration with historical experts.

Silesian Museum in Katowice

Paintings representing the tension between Polish and German viewpoints in Upper Silesia during the Plebiscite (1921). Installed on two rotating columns 3.5m high.

Leonardo Da Vinci Science Center at Podzamcze Checinskie

Illustrations of Leonardo's paintings and drawings.

ICHOT Porta Posnania

Graphics for the “Stained Glass” room of ICHOT Porta Posnania.
ICHOT Porta Posnania is an Interactive Center of Cathedral Island History. It is divided into 5 thematic rooms, each telling a different part of Cathedral Island History. 
Cathedral Island is the cradle of the Polish state, where in the 10th century Poland's first known ruler Mieszko I established a powerful fortified settlement.
photos: Brama Posnania